Cocopeat ( Washed/ Unwashed )

Raw Cocopeat are stored in bunkers and sometimes in open yards as soon as they are extracted from fiber factory and allowed for ageing. Generally coconut husk has high salt content, hence cocopeat is washed with clean and natural water to lower the EC levels which is an important factor for root and plant growth. After washing the moisture level of the coco is reduced and screened with several screening systems such as 0-6mm, 0-8mm 0-12mm depending on the customer’s end usage and then compacted into blocks of variable sizes.

Compressed Coco peat blocks reconstitute to 15+ liters per kilo gram once hydrated. Washed Cocos are ideally suitable for greenhouses, farms, horticulture, hydro seed spraying, landscaping, orchids, mushrooms, seed germination, and as a substitute for potting soil and bark compost

Unwashed Coco peat in also used in certain plant growths, food waste processing & animal bedding. We are Specialized in making 5 kg Blocks & 650 Gram Briquettes with varies combination of coco peat & coco fiber as per acquirement.



Non Palletized / Loose Form

Container Size

40′ HQ

40′ HQ

40′ HQ

Number of Pallets per container



Number of Units per Container




Weight of cargo in Container

21 – 22

23 – 24 MT

26 MT