• Cocopeat ( Washed/ Unwashed )

    Raw Cocopeat are stored in bunkers and sometimes in open yards as soon as they are extracted from fiber factory and allowed for ageing

  • Briquetes

    Similar to 5Kg Block Compacting 650gram briquettes are made with a screening specifications of 0.5-6mm, 0-6mm and also..

  • Coir Chips / Coco Chips

    Coconut Husk are cut into small sizes and graded into 3 different screening sizes 3-6mm, 6- 12mm and 12-18mm and then washed to lower salinity levels

  • Coir Fiber

    Coir fibres are found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut fruit, which is actually the endocarp of the coconut fruit

  • Coir Yarn

    We hold immense specialization in the domain of manufacturing variety of Coir Yarns. Our range of yarns is processed by making..

  • Special Products

    We are in working on new products such as Coco Absorbents for Industrial Purpose & Natural & Treated Coco Substrates in Loose