We Are strategically Located at the outskirts of the Coconut Town "The POLLACHI", which helps us to procure surplus raw materials for the production throughout the year. Where we are also blessed to get both southwest & northwest monsoon rains is another key advantage of making the low salinity prodcuts.


    We are equipped with a large de-fibering unit with a complete infrastructure to make the necessary fibre for the global & domestic markets, De-Fibering Machine being the base of coir industry, gives us the by-product which is base raw material for cocopeat prodcution.


    We are equipped with 5kg Compacting, 650 gram Compacting Machines for the cocopeat compacting process, added to that we have 2 Ply Yarn Machines for 2-Ply Yarn Coir Rope production.

  • Raw Material Storage

    Raw Materials such as coco husk & raw coco peat are sourced strategically to full fill the global demands all around the year.


    Peat drying yard are used to reduce the moisture content of the peat before the screening and compression process. raw Cocopeat are stored in bunkers and sometimes in open yards as soon as they are extracted from fiber factory and allowed for ageing to achieve good property levels for best yields/resul