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Green Globe, headquartered in the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is essentially a green company established with a noble intention to ‘give back to dear mother nature’. A young and dynamic organization, Green Globe was fundamentally instituted to balance the perpetually changing environment through introducing nature-friendly (eco-friendly) and green products in order to follow through new strategies for soilless agriculture / Hydroponic crop cultivation.

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Greglo™ is a young and vibrant organisation enriching your world by delivering recipes to create  Greenglobe Advantages.

Our Quality

As an eco-friendly company, Greenglobe is fully committed to deliver green products of unparalleled quality to our customers. We deal with nothing other than the top-quality ourselves

Our Values

Greenglobe focuses on credibility and trust both with our customers and within our establishment as well. We are also dedicated to incessantly improving ourselves in whichever way possible. We always think in the customers point of view and afford top priority to their needs and demands


Customer satisfaction is our mileage. With Greenglobe, you can expect honest and reliable service and responsiveness from our team

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FAQ Regarding Coco

All You Need to Know About Soilless Agriculture / Hydroponics Crop Cultivation

Hydroponics Crop Cultivation has numerous benefits and advantages over soil-based farming if you considering horticulture, floriculture, indoor garden, terrace and balcony garden and many other types of commercial and domestic gardens.

The technological revolution has opened the doors wide open for many modern farming techniques that did yield quicker. Age-old agricultural techniques were speeded up using natural resources to accomplish utmost cultivation and yield. Commercial farming all over the globe went through various innovations and modern farming methods were embraced widely in order to achieve maximal yields.

The over dependence of soil-based farming has contributed to the unintended consequence of excessive reliance on fertilizers and pesticides, which in turn created a notable impact to the environment. A rather demanding situation confronted by the soil-based farming eventually channeled the people who actively involved in agribusiness to explore other options.

Soilless agriculture / Hydroponic crop cultivation is one among the most popular alternatives for the conventional agriculture that comes packed with a long list of benefits and advantages. For rookies, soilless farming implies farming short-term plants and flowers in greenhouse setups (facility for the cultivation of plants under controlled conditions) without the use of soil!

Coco Peat – The Way Forward

Coco peat - one among the most preferred option for soilless farming is primarily a soilless organic farming medium that is regarded as a powerhouse of nutrients. Coco peat is an effective organic growing medium that has the amazing water holding ability, helps the natural process of aeration to the roots and poses substantial resistivity to pest and fungus.

Contrary to peat moss (any of various pale or ashy mosses of the genus Sphagnum whose decomposed remains form peat), coco peat is easily renewable and puts up high yields.

Understanding Coco Peat

Coco peat is fundamentally a spin-off that is obtained during the de-fibering of the coconut husk. Coco peat has multiple uses as an organic growing medium and goes through a lengthy process for the convenience of the end user.

After obtention, the coco peat is washed with fresh water in order to bring down the salinity of raw coco peat. The coco peat is washed with fresh water as the quality of the coco plays a crucial role in soilless farming. The washed coco peat is then sun dried in an open concrete yard to cut down the moisture level and eventually moved on to the process of screening,compacting and finally getting through the packing section.

Coco peat is considered as an effective replacement to peat moss as it stands out for its high aeration and water holding abilities. What is more, coco peat is 100% natural, not damaging to the environment and 100% organic and a great option for soilless organic farming medium

Advantages and Benefits of Coco Peat

  • Coco peat is one of the most versatile and a long-lasting organic growing medium for horticulture and floriculture
  • Coco peat is first-class in terms of water retention capacity and consumes less water, unlike soil-based farming
  • Brings down the frequency of watering and by that means cutting back labor costs and belittling plant loss
  • Coco peat is available in various forms for the convenience of the buyer which include compressed blocks, briquettes and loose powder peat
  • Coco peat is light in weight when compared to soil and peat moss and it comes really handy in case of indoor / terrace / balcony gardening
  • Coco peat do not usually draw pest, (weed) unwanted plants and common plant diseases and disorders
  • Coco peat is 100% natural, environmentally-friendly and organic
  • Ideal alternative for soil as coco peat aids in quick setting up of garden where you can enjoy organically grown vegetables right from your terrace and balcony
  • No shrinkage of coco peat during your plant growing cycle

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